hausen x hamburg

a photographic ode

The City as a Stage

"Hausen x Hamburg" is a photographic project by designer Jörg Höltje, stylist Ilka Teige-Zuzak, and photographer Volker Lammers. These three recent residents have fallen in love with Hamburg and express their affection through this ode to the city.
Hamburg easily captures one's heart, not because of its weather, but because of its people, who defy the typical Nordic coolness. Above all, it's the juxtaposition of places, ranging from the ugly to the beautiful, the classy to the gritty, that define the city's diverse character.
In return for the city's charm and its welcoming inhabitants, we present a limited edition of our SHRINK shelf in the color "Salmon." Six motifs depict the shelf in Hamburg, not against flat walls, but in unexpected yet identity-shaping locations throughout the city, deviating from the usual postcard views.

Motif: Salmon x Dom

The motif was created at Hamburg Dom, a public festival in the center of the city that takes place several times a year. During the day it seems to remain in a strange slumber, before in the evening everything is lit up by flashing lights and crowds of people seeking fun and entertainment.

Motif: Salmon x Park Fiction

The motif was taken early in the morning in Park Fiction, a surreal oasis of calm in the middle of the bustling amusement district of St Pauli. This park, which emerged from a citizens' initiative that successfully asserted itself against profit-orientated building projects by investors, is an impressive testimony to the cohesion and commitment of the citizens of this city, who are determined not to give up their home without a fight.

Motif: Salmon x Peute

This motif was taken in a container warehouse on the extensive grounds of the Port of Hamburg, in the middle of a city of containers and probably one of the dustiest places in the whole of Hamburg. The forklift trucks, which weigh several tonnes and drive back and forth tirelessly, have ground the gravel into the finest dust. This shoot made us feel like we were on the moon, surrounded by an unreal landscape of dust and steel.

Motif: Salmon x Stadtpark

In the Stadtpark, Hamburg's largest park, the mist rose from the meadows at the first light of day and we felt like we were in the middle of nature, far away from the metropolis.

Motif: Salmon x Elbe

The constant proximity to the water gives Hamburg its special charm. The Elbe is not only a transport route for international maritime trade, but above all the largest recreational area in Hamburg. For this motif, we followed the river out of the city and felt like we were on holiday by the sea in the evening light.

Motif: Salmon x Oberhafen

A motif created on the bridge that connects the wild and creative Oberhafen quarter with its artists' studios with the Hamburg publishing houses and office towers of HafenCity symbolises the eternal change and contradictions of this city.